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Automatic mixing machine.

Apr 13, 2018

Mixing bed is the short term for the mixed ion exchange bed, which means that the two kinds of ion-exchange resins of the Yang and Yin are placed in the same exchange library.

They are mixed uniformly at run time, and then flushed and put into operation.

Because ZhongYang, Yin resins in mixed bed are mutually mixed evenly, so Yang, anion exchange reaction is almost at the same time, or the equivalent of many levels of Yang and Yin bed series and single stage double bed (Yang, Yin bed) compared to desalination process, mixed bed technology in addition to salt water quality good, stable running, exchange of the finish.

Mixed bed.jpg

Generally, the water quality requirement of mixed bed is better than that of the first class desalination process. The general electric conductivity is below 10s /cm.

Commonly used automatic ion exchanger mainly divided into two groups by using automatic multichannel valve control, representative to the United States OSMONICS company series automatic multichannel valve (pos. No. 172, 172, 182, 255, 180 people of the United States and of such as 9600, 5600, the model and the Italian series such as automatic multi-way valve, mainly through the shaft or flow control valves open and close to achieve process control, its performance is stable, but the general procedure is fixed.

The other is PLC + pneumatic or electric valve to control the automatic ion exchanger, the system control for water treatment desalination project, medium and above its steps and process control can be set automatically according to need.

Can better adapt to the specific needs.