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Application of wastewater reuse equipment

Nov 30, 2017

1. Water treatment equipment in the area of living facilities: various kinds of hot water boilers, central air conditioning, heat exchange system, household central air conditioning, wall hanging boilers, etc.

2. Industrial general equipment: air compressor, refrigerator, heat exchanger, cooler, etc.

3. Application of special industry: scale, scale, magnetization and sterilization of water equipment in food, pharmaceutical and alcohol industries to establish environment-friendly hydropower construction system.

The wastewater reuse equipment can be divided into primary treatment, secondary treatment and tertiary treatment according to the degree of sewage treatment and water quality requirements.

In general, the primary treatment is pretreatment, and the secondary treatment can remove 90%~95% of the solid suspended matter from the organic matter.

However, for heavy metal toxicants and biodegradable organics, high carbon compounds and nitrogen and phosphorus are difficult to remove during biochemical treatment, tertiary treatment is needed.

The secondary treatment is to take advantage of the overthinking, settling and flotation to remove the suspended matter in the sewage.

Remove minerals from waste water and most solid suspended objects and oils.

The main methods include gravity separation, centrifugal separation, filtration, coarse granulation, neutralization, biological treatment, etc.

These technologies are mature both at home and abroad.