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Application of ultrafiltration membrane

Mar 03, 2020

1. Application in the water purifier industry

The more widely used household ultrafiltration water purifier is the mainstream water purifier product currently on the market. Its core component is the ultrafiltration membrane. It can remove large molecules, colloids, proteins, particles, etc. from the solution. It has the characteristics of low use pressure, large water production and easy operation.

2. Application in wastewater treatment

At present, it has been used in the treatment of paint spraying wastewater, metal processing wastewater and food industry wastewater in the automobile manufacturing industry and the recovery of useful substances. Ultrafiltration has good removal characteristics for all kinds of colloids in water, so it can be considered to be extended to the pretreatment of condensate polishing and ion exchange desalination systems.

3. Application in the preparation of raw water for wine making

The ultrafiltration membrane module is applied to the micro-beer production workshop. Through the detection of the processing performance of the membrane device, it is shown that the ultrafiltration membrane can be used to deeply purify the raw water for brewing, which can effectively reduce the concentration of various pollutants in the water and eliminate the secondary pollution caused by the pipe network. It can fully meet the requirements of high-quality raw water required for wine making process.