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Application of MBR membrane in industrial wastewater treatment.

Mar 30, 2018

Since the 90 s, broadening the MBR process object, in addition to the water reuse, wastewater treatment, the MBR applications in industrial wastewater treatment has been widely attention, such as food industry wastewater treatment, aquatic products processing wastewater, aquaculture wastewater, cosmetics production wastewater, dye wastewater, oil chemical industry wastewater, has obtained the good processing effect.

MBR membrane bioreactor.jpg

In the early 90 s, the United States built a set of in Ohio used in the treatment of industrial wastewater in a car factory MBR system, processing size is 151 m 3 / d, the system the organic load of up to 6.3 kgCOD/m 3 ยท d, COD removal rate was 94%, the vast majority of oil and grease degradation.

In the Netherlands, a fat extraction processing factory using traditional oxidation ditch sewage treatment technology production wastewater treatment, due to the expansion of production scale, with the result that sludge bulking and sludge is difficult to separate, finally adopt the Zenon membrane module instead of settling basin, the running effect is good.