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Application fields of air flotation method in industrial wastewater treatment

Jan 20, 2021

The air flotation machine is a dissolved air system that generates a large number of fine bubbles in the water, so that the air is attached to the suspended particles in the form of highly dispersed tiny bubbles, resulting in a state where the density is less than that of water. The principle of buoyancy is used to make it float on the water surface to achieve solidification. -Liquid separation wastewater treatment equipment. Typical applications of the device include the following:

1. Solid-liquid separation. The size of solid particles in the sewage is very small, and the density of the particles and the flocs formed is close to or lower than that of water. It is difficult to realize various sewage treatments of solid-liquid separation by the precipitation method;

2. In terms of water supply, it can be applied to the purification of high algae water sources, low temperature and low turbidity water sources, polluted water sources and industrial raw material brines;

3. Liquid-liquid separation, separation and recovery of fine oil droplets of petroleum, organic solvents, surfactants and various metal ions from sewage;

4. Where it is required to obtain a higher hydraulic load and solid load than gravity sedimentation, or where land use is restricted;

5. Air flotation method can also be applied to active sludge concentration.