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Application field of water treatment equipment

Oct 20, 2017

Power Industry Water

Thermal, thermal power plant mining enterprises, medium and low pressure boilers, water supply system.

Main use: Power plant, factory high-low pressure boiler, air-conditioning, cold storage and other circulating water. Microelectronics products for the production of high purity water, semiconductors, picture tubes with high-purity, computer circuit boards, such as integrated circuits, solar cells, dry-type battery water.

Chemical industry water, chemical reaction cooling, chemical reagents, fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing process water system.

Main use: Textile printing and dyeing, papermaking water, chemical reagents for the production of pure waters. Skincare production with pure water, shampoo production of pure water, hair dye production of pure water. Chemical laboratories, physical laboratories, biological laboratories.

Industrial Coating Water

Automotive, household appliances, building materials products surface coating, cleaning, coated glass and battery water system.

Main use: electroplating, glass coated with high purity water.