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Application domain and membrane separation technology of ultra filter Filters.

Jan 23, 2018

Hollow ultra filter for use in the process of the main is to a large number of hollow fiber and capillary accumulation within ten transparent plastic tube, hollow ultra filter covers an area of less, membrane area is large, the equipment compact structure, simple installation and maintenance, low energy consumption, stable performance.

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Hollow super filter is a kind of membrane separation technology, when making use of the main parts for the ultrafiltration membrane, when use for material level of large molecules in the solution is a membrane separation process on both sides of the pressure difference, when making use of the main is based on principle of mechanical sieving separation process of a solution.


Hollow ultra filter at room temperature under low pressure, the entire device of low energy consumption and does not need to be heated and dosing can achieve the purpose of separation, enrichment, separation and purification stage, hollow super filter device has the advantages of simple operation, start quickly, easy to maintain, easy to control.

It can be used alone, as well as the pretreatment of the reverse osmosis equipment and the fine treatment of the terminal of high purity water.


Application of hollow ultra filter system: food, beverage, drinking water, mineral water filtration;

Cheese preparation, whey separation, sucrose purification and plant protein treatment;

The pharmaceutical industry is concentrated and purified.

Separation and extraction of enzymes and microorganisms;

Coating, electrophoretic paint, electroplating wastewater treatment, etc.


Hollow super filter filtration process was conducted at room temperature, the composition of mild conditions without damage, and thus is suitable for heat sensitive material, such as the separation of drugs, enzymes, such as fruit juice, grading, enrichment and enrichment.

The filtration process does not change, no heating, low energy consumption, no need to add chemical reagents, no pollution, is a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection separation technology.