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Application Analysis of Air Flotation Machine in Food Wastewater Treatment Project

Jan 17, 2021

Today, I will take everyone to understand how the air flotation method of air flotation equipment realizes food wastewater treatment. A large amount of wastewater is generated in the food industry production process. According to understanding, the water quality of food industry wastewater is characterized by high concentration of organic matter and suspended solids, and it is perishable and less toxic. In addition, there are a large number of harmful microorganisms in the wastewater. If not scientifically and effectively treated, food wastewater will cause eutrophication. , Consuming a large amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, leading to the death of aquatic organisms.

At present, we usually use anaerobic, aerobic, anaerobic-aerobic and other water treatment methods for wastewater treatment in the food industry. These methods can reduce CODcr and BOD5 to varying degrees, but have a treatment effect on animal and vegetable oils. not good. In view of the actual situation of the high content of animal and vegetable oils in the production wastewater of this enterprise, we recommend the use of air flotation method to pretreat the food industry wastewater. After removing most of the animal and vegetable oils in the wastewater, the aerobic biochemical treatment is carried out to ensure After treatment, it meets the requirements of emission standards. The air flotation method is a very common wastewater treatment method, which can achieve solid-liquid separation efficiently and quickly. The working principle of the air flotation method is to use equipment such as air flotation machine to produce a large number of and highly dispersed fine bubbles in the water, use the bubbles as a carrier to adhere the suspended matter in the wastewater, and then form an adhesive body to float to the water surface, and finally pass the equipment Remove the scum on the water surface, and then remove the impurities in the sewage. The air flotation method realizes the separation of solids and liquids, solids and solids, liquids and liquids and even ions in solutes in water.