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Application advantages of all stainless steel pure water equipment

Oct 01, 2020

1. No rust: The unique excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel water tank materials combined with environmental rust prevention technology can achieve the purpose of rust prevention.

2. Lightweight and high strength: Stainless steel has the advantages of light weight and high strength. The use of hydraulic single-mold forming has the characteristics of good forming, small internal stress, high precision, and no surface wear. The yield strength of stainless steel is equivalent to 15 times that of carbon steel and 6 times that of glass fiber reinforced plastics. It shows good characteristics of seismic and impact resistance.

3. Comply with fire protection and building standard law: Compared with glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, stainless steel water tank has good high temperature resistance and meets the requirements of fire protection construction law.

4. Ideal mechanical structure: The fully welded stainless steel water tank uses a combination of spherical and flat surfaces, which is an ideal mechanical structure. This stainless steel water tank has smooth lines and beautiful appearance.

5. Easy on-site installation: The welding stainless steel water tank adopts hydraulic press and on-site assembly welding. Since the stainless steel water tank is internally welded, the water tank can be placed against the wall on three sides, which is very important for customers with limited space. There are tricks to the acceptance of plastic water tanks.