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Applicable scope and implementation criteria of sewage treatment?

Jun 01, 2018

1.It is used for industrial water, domestic water and municipal water supply system which can meet the drinking water quality standard.

2.Removal of suspended solids and solids in industrial sewage;

3.It can be used as an ion exchange method to soften the pretreatment equipment in the desalting system, and to the coarse filtration equipment of industrial water supply with low water quality requirements;

And used in the swimming pool recycling system, cooling water purification system and so on.

Coal chemical wastewater reuse equipment .jpg

Emission standard

GB18918-2002 is the urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standard ", which is the integrated wastewater discharge standard GB8978-1996, the two are different concepts, both have their own aiming at object, you can't mix the two.

The latest standard for sewerage standards has not yet been introduced, and the national standard for comprehensive sewage discharge is gb8978-1996.