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Anti-corrosion measures of filter press

Mar 27, 2021

Regarding mechanical equipment, there is a serious hazard to the rusty appearance of the machine, as long as the iron-rich metal in the humid environment reacts with oxygen enough oxygen will attack. Moreover, this appearance is suitable under the extreme conditions of pressure filtration equipment even if all the filter presses are rusty. The same filter environment in wet work will attack the oxidation appearance. Then press the filter equipment, do you need to do this frequently for maintenance of rust? 

Regarding the filter press, the most compact filter is the basis of the filter press. In order to make machinery and equipment and other parts of the grounding barrier device cut into the ground into a part of it, the equipment supports, so as to ensure that some important parts of large equipment are as close as possible to the tidal environment, but the first base is already rusted (due to its long-term After using the filter press in a humid environment for a period of time, the useful Base cannot be maintained. In this environment, we encountered some measures that only passed basic repairs and delayed rust. Therefore, the device is designed to rust the map. Since the operating environment of filter press equipment must be rich in water, it is inevitable to contact the equipment with water. We require timely cleaning of the water surface to cut off the rapid oxidation caused by prolonged exposure to water. 

First, we need to pay attention to some details. For example, we took the initiative to remove the zipper plate and observed that lubricant was added when needed. For the appearance of the equipment, we have also done some anti-rust treatments. When it is required to be punctual, usually the steel bar press has been rust-treated, with anti-rust spraying. If the rust is scraped off, it may fall into it and pass oxidation after long-term operation. , We asked to make up the site is in the fall of time. The same applies to piston pumps. 

The second point is the hydraulic screw. We all know that during the working hours of the equipment, the elastic motion of the hydraulic control screw will continue. Therefore, the formation of iron atoms will lose the electronic components. Under unstable conditions, if the equipment is running, the appearance will not be hit once the equipment is suspended. Unstable iron atoms react with extremely simple water molecules and oxygen atoms in the air, that is, rusty metal parts are simpler, so when we stop the operation of the filter press, we must add some lubrication activities on site Oil and let them block the air.