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Analyze the reasons for the pollution of the reverse osmosis membrane in the industrial wastewater treatment process

Dec 15, 2020

Generally, there will be some equipment problems in the process of industrial wastewater treatment. What are the reasons for these problems? Let's analyze some important reasons for the pollution of the reverse osmosis membrane.

Inappropriate pretreatment: The system is equipped with pretreatment devices that are not suitable for the quality and flow of the raw water, or the necessary process devices and process links are not equipped in the system. The pretreatment device is not operating normally, that is, the original pretreatment equipment of the system is not suitable for the raw water. The removal ability of SDI components, turbidity, colloids, etc. is low, and the pretreatment effect is not ideal.

Inappropriate equipment is selected in the system or the equipment material is incorrectly selected (pumps, piping, and others).

System chemical injection device malfunctions (acid, flocculation/coagulant aid, scale inhibitor/dispersant, reducing agent and others).

Appropriate protective measures are not taken after the equipment is running intermittently or the system is out of use,

Operation and management of unreasonable equipment operation and utilization (recovery rate, water production, concentrated water, pressure difference, cleaning and others).

Long-term accumulation of insoluble sediments in the membrane system or considerable microbial contamination, major changes in raw water composition or fundamental changes in water source characteristics.