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Analyze and explain the influencing factors of air flotation technology

Dec 30, 2020

Generally, in the process of industrial wastewater treatment, many targeted treatment technologies are needed to treat wastewater, and some factors are also affected during the treatment process. There are many factors affecting air flotation technology, including differences in air flotation technology, Floating surrounding natural environmental factors and factors affecting catalysis. First of all, the working efficiency of different air flotation technologies is different, because the basic principle of air flotation is the viscosity-carrying capacity of tiny bubbles, and the buoyancy is greater than the effect of gravity. Therefore, the generation speed of tiny bubbles directly affects the speed of oily sewage treatment. For example, the induced air flotation method generates tiny bubbles at a higher rate than the general electrolytic air flotation method, but the bubbles generated by the electrolytic air flotation method are more precise and the reaction is more thorough. The influence of the surrounding natural environment, including environmental interference effects such as the surrounding temperature and pressure, the higher the temperature, the larger the content of sewage molecules, the faster the movement of molecules, and the faster reaction time compared to low temperature conditions. The pressure is closely related to the altitude. The higher the altitude, the lower the air pressure, the workers must increase the pressure of sewage to control the water pressure and ensure that the water pressure is in a reasonable state. The catalyst refers to those who do not participate in the reaction, or the state and characteristics before and after the reaction do not change, but they can increase the reaction rate to a certain extent. The air flotation method also requires a catalyst. Generally speaking, the current technical personnel in China will use chemical agents to increase the speed of the air flotation technology. Chemical substances can help maintain the stability of the bubbles, complete related work in a shorter time, and reduce cost. Regarding the bubbles themselves, the influencing factors of air flotation technology are reflected in the particle diameter of the bubbles and pollutants. After years of comparison of sewage treatment experiments, our country professionally believes that 40um bubbles have the strongest adsorption capacity, but this size is difficult to guarantee in specific work. Therefore, the staff only need to limit the bubble size to 10-100um. , Which can improve efficiency. The closer the floc particle diameter is to the size of the microbubbles, the more effective the air flotation technology is.