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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of industrial wastewater treatment process SBR

Dec 24, 2020


The ideal push flow process increases the driving force of biochemical reaction, improves efficiency and stable operation effect;

Resistant to shock load, there is treated water retained in the pool, which dilutes and buffers the sewage, and effectively resists the impact of water and organic pollutants;

The concentration gradient of DO and BOD5 in the reaction tank can effectively control the expansion of activated sludge;

Has a good denitrification and phosphorus removal effect;

The technological process is simple and the cost is low.


High requirements for automation control;

The drainage time is short, and the sedimentation sludge layer is required not to be stirred during drainage, so a special decanter is required, and the requirements for the decanter are very high;

The post-processing equipment requirements are large.