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About ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment in fertilizer plant?

Mar 19, 2019


The ammonia nitrogen stripping process is adopted in the design of the wastewater pretreatment process to ensure the thoroughness of ammonia nitrogen removal in sewage, the expected ammonia nitrogen

Content of the treated water is less than 60mg/l.

The process flow is that after The sewage is treated by precipitation, it is lifted by The pump to The ammonia nitrogen stripping tower,

And the PH value of the sewage is adjusted between 10 and 12 before if the ammonia nitrogen stripping tower, so as to facilitate ammonia nitrogen stripping.

Coal chemical wastewater reuse equipment

After the sewage enters the ammonia nitrogen blowing tower,

Uniform water distribution is carried out by the water spraying device on the upper part of the blowing tower, the water flows down the packing in the blowing tower like a liquid film and the contacts

With the air sent by the lower centrifugal fan. At this time, under the condition of alkaline sewage, ammonia transfers from the liquid phase to the gas mass transfer,

Which is later the reverse process of absorption, namely desorption.

Ammonia with the air out of Ammonia nitrogen blowing tower can be absorbed with acid, and remove Ammonia nitrogen sewage after neutralization discharge.