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About ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment in fertilizer plant?

Mar 18, 2019

The quality of wastewater from a chemical fertilizer plant is characterized by high ammonia nitrogen content, toxic total cyanide and sulfide and poor biodegradability.

According to the above characteristics, the design of advanced technology, small area of physical and chemical treatment program, has a strong adaptability and impact resistance, the water quality after treatment up to "synthetic ammonia industry water pollutants discharge standards" (gb13458-2001).

.Coal chemical wastewater reuse equipment

According to the water quality monitoring report of the environmental protection bureau, the main pollutants exceeding the standards in sewage are ammonia nitrogen, sulphide, and total cyanide, and the biodegradability of such sewage is poor (mainly due to low chemical oxygen demand and high ammonia nitrogen content).

According to the above situation and our years of experience in treating this kind of sewage, the key to treat this kind of sewage is the pretreatment of sewage.